The Ability To Book Appointments For Patients - View Patients' Appointments With The Possibility Of Searching, Modifying And Canceling Them.

  • Stop the appointment of the doctor
  • Knowing the booking dates and waiting list for the doctor by specifying the working hours and the doctor and changing the examination with the ability to change the booking date and change the examination ticket number
  • Possibility to book appointments for patients
  • Displaying patients’ appointments with the ability to search and modify them, print a detection ticket, cancel the appointment for the patient, and add ticket services For the patient and view all sick reservations on the same day
  • The possibility of booking the patient in the waiting list, modifying it and canceling the reservation with the printing of a reservation ticket

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Patient Records

Create A New Patient Record - View All Patient Records With The Possibility Of Modification. - Medical Records Contain (Diseases - Medicines - Genetic Diseases ......... And More)

Patient Records Features

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