Clinic management software .

It is a program for managing clinics and medical centers in all its specialties, it will help you to organize medical and financial management within the clinic, organize patients’ appointments, make records for patients, medicines and doctors in the clinic, and extract financial, medical and patient reports for patients.

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Clinic Features

Managing Clinic Settings

The Possibility Of Adding Or Modifying In: (Medical Departments In The Clinic - Services - Types Of Visits - Working Hours)



Total And Detailed Report: Payments - Receipts - Doctor's Accounts - Patient Accounts...... And More


The Accounts

Expenses - Payments - Suppliers - Purchases - Receipts Or Revenues


User Account Management

Managing The Accounts Of Doctors And Physician Assistants - Managing Secretarial Accounts - The Possibility Of Adding, Deleting Or Modifying Any User


Patient Records

Create A New Patient Record - View All Patient Records With The Possibility Of Modification. - Medical Records Contain (Diseases - Medicines - Genetic Diseases ......... And More)



The Ability To Book Appointments For Patients - View Patients' Appointments With The Possibility Of Searching, Modifying And Canceling Them.


Other Helpful Features

Determining the powers of the staff in the clinic.

High-level security system for maintaining the database

The doctor can view the number of his cases at any time and the total revenues for all types of examinations

Reviewing return dates for patients who have been consulted

Making a patient file for each patient and reviewing it at each visit

Recording all patient data and the ability to search for the patient by name, number or address

An easy-to-use user interface and follow-up of the clinic's work anywhere and on any device (computer - laptop - tablet - mobile)

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We are one of the established medical agency to care you.

This is one of the best and well-established agency to make a good & more innovative care for you. We have a lot of services to make a proper guideline for all of the patients.

This is one of the best and well-established agency to make a good & more innovative care for you.

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